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meet the team

Matt, aka The Boss, is our resident aficionado of all things film noir at High Contrast Cinema. A father of two, he balances his familial responsibilities with a relentless desire to cram his brain full of the finest gems from the length and breadth of popular culture. From the timeless slapstick antics of Laurel & Hardy to the rock 'n' roll brilliance of the peak period Rolling Stones, onto the televisual perfection of The Sopranos and then the inventive genius of John Byrne's Fantastic Four comics, only the onward march of time attempts to hinder his quest to discover the next best thing ever. With High Contrast Cinema he gets to indulge in his passion of the darker side of Hollywood’s mid-century output, leading his colleagues on a journey into the shadows alongside him whether they like it or not!

Jo is a mathematician masquerading (badly) as a normal person. A comic book and sci-fi fan currently living in Poole, she's lived in 26 different homes and can remember the phone number for all of them. When she's not watching movies, training maths teachers or reading comic books, she can sometimes be found dressed as a Star Wars droid. Her first movie was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and her dream is to own a cinema with a comic book store in the foyer.

Kenny's cinematic journey began during his teenage years with late night viewings of Moviedrome and continues to unfold with each frame. These experiences ignited a lifelong love for independent cinema. Always on the hunt for indie gems and world cinema that challenge conventions, provoke thought, and celebrate the spirit of creativity, Kenny firmly believes that cinema knows no boundaries.

Jon is a 15 year old trapped in a 50 something year old body. From the age of 6 when he witnessed the wonder of Star Wars on the big screen he has spent the majority of his life living slightly real world adjacent. During his teenage rebellious years his escapism moved towards four painted face rockers who captured the larger than life comic book hero mystique in a way that was easier to headbang to than reading a comic. His love for both Star Wars and KISS remain strong to this day (the latter patiently endured by his long suffering wife and friends). Matt (the Boss) has assured him that there was Classic Cinema very worthy of his attention before 1977, and through his joining of the HCC group has realised that Matt may well be right.

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