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sweet smell of success

High Contrast Cinema returns with a Alexander Mackendrick’s slick, seedy masterpiece Sweet Smell Of Success.


Featuring Hollywood heavyweights Burt Lancaster and Tony Curtis, the film was initially poorly received as audiences baulked at seeing two beloved idols play such flagrantly amoral characters.


The film’s stature improved greatly from there as it was recognised how skilfully it captured the rampant corruption lurking within the streets of New York City during the twilight hours.

Boasting some beautifully crisp cinematography that makes excellent use of the city and a jazzy score that evokes the sleaziness of the nocturnal locales, it’s a corrosive classic featuring the two stars delivering some of their finest performances.

Tony Curtis.jpg

Tony Curtis

Burt Lancaster.jpg

Burt Lancaster

Alexander Mackendrick.jpg

Charles Laughton

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